New Android Wear 2.0 Features can be updated through Play Store


Just like smartphones, even the smartwatches receive updates. In an annual hardware launch last week, Google has announced its new products for the users. However, it was also observed that Android Wear was completely removed from Google store last week.

The present Android wear users began to get worried as Android Wear was removed from the Google store. Later Google announced a good news. They revealed that they would launch a Oreo beta program for the LG Sports watch. On Tuesday, Google wearable developer advocate, Hoi Lam announced that Android Wear 2.0 would get incremental updates.

All the bug fixes and improvements for the Android Wear 2.0 would be delivered through the Google Play Store, he added. The first update for Android wear was rolled out earlier this month and added third-party support to the contact’s app of Android wear. So, the users can update their Android wear devices with OTA as their OS right away.

Hoi Lam also stated that the Android wear users need not worry about the future of the device upgrades, as it would keep rolling out new fixes for the device every month from now on.

The manufacturers of the smart watches will be providing a special support for the sensors and buttons for individual watches. Some assistance is also required for adding more applications for a specific purpose like menus, custom watch faces, etc.

We hope that these incremental updates for the Android wear would make the existing users happy.

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