Microsoft’s Edge Browser is now on Android Preview


Microsoft has released its Browser, Edge on Android Phones. Microsoft Company has adopted an innovative approach to embed the Windows experience in Android and iOS devices. In 2014, Microsoft released the Office apps for iOS devices.

Microsoft launched the Edge browser for Android last Friday. The look and feel of this browser is same as the features observed on Windows 10 laptops. This is one of the best replacement for the Internet Explorer on Windows.

One of the best features about the application is that you can synchronize the browser data from your laptop browser. With a single tap on the Edge app, you can transfer your entire data to your desktop browser.

Recent research shows that Microsoft’s Edge browser has dealt strongly with all the phishing sites. As compared to the other browsers, Edge has performed well. The browser blocked about 82% of the phishing sites whereas, chrome and firefox only blocked 59% and 51% respectively.

Edge browser is in the early stage of its development and the speed of development is pretty good, so the Edge browser users can expect updates at a very fast pace.

To try this app on your android device, just sign up for the preview version on the Google Play Store. Official launch of this application for Android and iOS is expected by the end of this year.

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