5 Tips for Quick and Organized House Cleaning


House cleaning is a necessary evil, well, at least for the most. Not everyone enjoys cleaning the different sections of their house on a regular basis. This is one reason why house cleaning services are so much in demand, as people not only don’t enjoy cleaning their houses regularly they hardly get enough time to actually keep their homes neat and clean. When it comes to house cleaning San Diego, Denver, Miami and many other big cities across United States and Canada have many service providers, so hiring one isn’t a big problem. That being said, at the end of it all it is your home and you do have to put in some effort. We mention top 5 tips that can help you keep your house clean in a quick and organized manner.

  1. Make Use of Your Waiting Time: TV watching has a changed a lot. Today we don’t wait for commercials anymore. The moment there is a waiting time due to commercials, we choose changing the channel. The best thing to do, however, is to make use of this waiting time. During one commercial you can shift all your stuffs from the living room to the wardrobe. In the next commercial, you can arrange all your dishes for washing and so on.
  2. Schedule Your Laundry Days: Make a calendar for your laundry. Make a schedule mentioning which day you would take up with type of laundry and paste this schedule right above your washing machine. Let all the members of the family know about the laundry schedule and tell them that you are going to enforce it. Tell them that they should give their laundry as per schedule or else they will be delayed by a week if they don’t follow the schedule.
  3. The Walk Through: Make an everyday habit of walking through a room before using it. You can start at the entrance of the room and work your way towards the back side of it. Place everything where it belongs and you can make small piles of stuffs near the room door; these stuffs could be the things that belong to other rooms of the house. Before you start your meal or sit down to watch your favorite TV show, take a moment and keep those stuffs near the room door to the room where it belongs.
  4. Storage of Cleaning Supplies: This is very important for many reasons. Cleaning supplies shouldn’t be lying down here and there for no reason. Because, one they can be unhygienic to the kids and others in the family and two, they look very odd placed at wrong places inside the house. Many households make the mistake of storing these supplies under the kitchen sink or even in the laundry room. If these supplies are stored at the right places, cleaning different rooms like a bathroom upstairs won’t look like such a huge task anymore. One of the examples of doing this would be always keeping paper towels, sponges and sprays in each of the bathroom and not make a bathroom supply space in your house instead.

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